Coffee Story: Short clips collection about Ethiopian Coffee

Hugh Jackman finds inspiration with Ethiopian coffee farmers. Launches charity brand, Laughing Man

While visiting Ethiopia with World Vision, Hugh Jackman met a coffee farmer named Dukale. He met his family and friends, worked the farm with Dukale and saw how much a community could be benefit from one person’s hard work, coupled with a little help. Inspired by his time with Dukale, Hugh promised he would help. Laughing Man Worldwide is the fulfillment of the promise; a company that supports entrepreneurs who believe the commerce and community grow together and gives 100% profits to charity. The first company incubated by Laughing Man Worldwide is Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, importing, roasting and serving specialty coffee & tea. Visit us at and have a look at the Laughing Man Marketplace.


Water Wise Coffee: Ethiopia

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Coffee Circle – Our vision of Direct Fair Trade (2012)

Interview from Ethiopia

There is only Coffee.

Coffee Story: Ethiopia

KEW GARDENS – Beyond the Gardens: The Forgotten Home of Coffee




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