Awash International Bank s.c

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Swift Code: AWINETAA
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Established Date: 1994 E.C.
Number of Branches:191


Awash International Bank s.c was established after the dawn fall of the Dergue regime and introduction of market economic policy in 1991.

Initially, it was established by 486 founder shareholders with a paid-up capital of Birr 24.2 million. It was licensed on November 10, 1994, and started banking operations on February 13, 1995. The Bank was named after the popular river “Awash” which is the most utilized rivers in the country especially for irrigation and hydroelectric power development.

Awash river sinks at a low land area of the county’s eastern parts without crossing an international boundary and plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the country.

The number of shareholders and paid up capital have been increasing continuously and significantly and currently stand at over paid-up 3436 and its capital currently stood at Birr 1.5 billion. However, the 13th Extraordinary Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of AIB endorsed the increase of paid-up capital to Birr 3 billon and subscribed capital to 6 billion within the coming three years.

Awash International Bank s.c  is also the first private bank to build its own head quarter at the hub of what is growing in to the Ethiopia financial district. The twins building named “Awash Towers” built in collaboration with its sister company Awash Insurance company s.c was inaugurated in 2010.

Besides, the Bank’s second largest symbolic complex building, with B+ G+10 named Balcha Abanefso building is on the finishing phase to be inaugurated very soon this year.

The Bank had also inaugurated a modern complex building “Awash Tower” with B+G+8 at Adama town.

Furtherer more, the Bank built its own branch office building at shahemane, with G+3, at Nekamte, G+3 and G+1, at Ghimbie G+4 and at agaro towns with G+4. On sidelines, the Bank also had purchased building with both G+4 at Harar and Bishoftu towns respectively in order to minimize the annual rental burden of the branch offices.

The Bank is also presently constructing its own branch office building with G+6, and G+3 at Hawasa and Bedessa towns respectively.

Necessary preparations are underway to commence the construction of an eight storey building of Bulbula is Addis Ababa at Saris area in front of Saint Joseph church on the road to Bishoftu.

On the other hand, the long purchased building which is hosting the jimma branch at jimma town with G+2 is to be upgrade to G +6,

Currently, the Bank has total of 181 branches of which 96 branches are located in Addis Ababa while the reaming 85 branches are located in regional towns,(as of February 28/2015).

The long awaited Core Banking project was completed since July 2014 and currently, all on- lined branches are being embraced by the new system replacing the old one referred as the “Bank Master”.

This solution will provide AIB an edge over competition by helping meet market demands with greater agility and the automated services of the Core banking solution will ensure faster processing front and back office request and an improved turnaround time for customers.

Similarly, before launching the Core Banking System, the Bank had enabled its customers to embrace modern payment system and transaction services.  The Bank initially started providing a card banking payment services, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in collaboration with other private banks under auspice of a share company named “Premier Switch Solutions (PSS) for the operation of joint and management of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

In similar development, Awash International Bank has been certified as a principal member for accepting Master Card branded Card by Master Card International as of March 2014.To be member of visa card is also underway.

The Bank is also on the verge of starting to provide Debit Card, Credit Card and prepaid Card services.

Later on, the Bank installed 120 its own Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) and 500 Point of Sales (POS) terminals at convenient places for its customers.


“To be the strongest and most preferred Bank of the People


“To provide modern, efficient, competitive, diversified and profitable banking services at domestic and international banking levels, to a continuously growing number of customers in a socially responsible manner.”


  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Dynamism
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Impartiality
  • Team Spirit
  • Social Responsiveness


  • To meet the needs of the emerging private sector for quality and dependable domestic and international banking services;
  • To expand and diversify commercial banking services in response to the growing demands of customers; and
  • To contribute towards the economic and social development of the country and to operate profitably in a sustainable manner.

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