Bank of Abyssinia

Telephone: +251 115 514130
Fax: +251 115 510409
Address:Ethiopian Red Cross Society HQ  BuildingAbyssinia_Bank
Swift Code: ABYSETAA
Web Site:
Established Date: 1996 E.C.
Number of Branches:111



The present-day Bank of Abyssinia was established on February 15, 1996 (90 years to the day after the first but defunct private bank was established in 1906 during Emperor Menelik II) in accordance with 1960 Ethiopian commercial code and the Licensing and Supervision of Banking Business Proclamation No. 84/1994.

BOA started its operation with an authorized and paid up capital of Birr 50 million, and Birr 17.8 million respectively, and with only 131 shareholders and 32 staff.

In about eighteen years since its establishment Bank of Abyssinia has registered a significant growth in paid up capital and total asset. It also attracted many professional staff members, valuable shareholders and large customers from all walks of life. This performance indicates public confidence in the Bank and reliability and satisfaction in its services.

Currently, employing the state-of-art banking technology, the Bank provides excellence domestic, international and special banking services to its esteemed and valuable customers. It also strives to serve all economic and services sectors via its ever increasing branch networks throughout the country.


The following are brief statements on the Bank’s Vision, Mission and Values.


As “Abyssinia” is the ancient name of our great nation and that of the pioneer bank of the land, Bank of Abyssinia‘s vision is to live up to this legacy through continuous innovation and provision of world- class banking services.


The mission of Bank of Abyssinia is to provide full-fledged domestic and international banking services through qualified and motivated employees, utilization of modern technology, through socially and ecologically responsible practices, as well as ensuring profitability and growth.


Bank of Abyssinia is guided by the following values:

Integrity, Honesty and Loyalty, Efficient Customer Service, Commitment, Equal Employment Opportunity, Employees Satisfaction, Team Spirit, Good Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility, Innovation, and Fair return to Shareholders.

Since its establishment, guided with clear vision, mission and values, BOA has made great strides in business growth and development. Consequently upon this, as of September 30, 2014 the following have been registered.


Authorized and paid up capital of Birr 1.5 billion and Birr 1.1 billion, respectively, a total deposit balance of Birr 11.1 Billion and a total loans and advances of Birr 5.99 billion, which in effect enhance the risk absorbing and the lending capacity of the Bank.


BOA has 3,290 staff and 478,436 account holders and works with known money transfer agents such as Western Union, Express Money, Turbo Cash, Ria International, Trans fast , Dahabshiil, MoneyGram,kaah and Ezremit.


Following a strong demand for better service and products from all directions on the one hand, and a ground-breaking development in ICT, on the other, BOA has replaced its in –house IT system with the state-of- the art one called T24 and started ATM and POSservices with Habesha card and mobile banking services .Internet and Agent banking service will be readily available within the near future.


BOA has 1,680 shareholders who are successful businessmen, intellectuals, celebrities, etc.

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