Nampak is the continent’s biggest maker of beverage cans to open bottle plants In Ethiopia

Nampak, the campany based in South Africa is the continent’s biggest maker of beverage cans. metal, glass, paper and plastic.It produce more than 130 type of glass but now plans to cut it to 85 type after declining profit in local market.Nampak is expanding its business in Ethiopia and Nigeria, but why?  They are indeed first and second populous country in Africa with 177 and 97 million respectively but that is not the only reason, out of 97 million people living in Ethiopia 44 million are below the age of 15, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. “There’s a youth bulge of people reaching drinking age” in Africa, De Ruyter said. Producing glass bottles and cans “makes a lot of sense.”

Andre de Ruyter, chief executive officer of Nampak Ltd aslo said  “The Ethiopian beer market is growing extremely fast and virtually all of their glass is imported at the moment”.

The bottle plant in Ethiopia would cost about $68 million according to Bloomberg 

Nampak to produce more than 30,000 tonnes of glass per year when they start production.

Read More at theafricareport and Bloomberg 


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