Debre Damo Monastery, rock climbing into 1400 years of Ethiopian history

They don’t make it easy to get into Debre Damo Monastery. Getting to it involves a lovely drive through some beautiful countryside, it’s only once you’re there that the problems start.

10330429_10203861977363846_7238707017970650473_nIf you’re male, there is a climb up a 40 meter-high sheer rock face, followed by squeezing yourself through a narrow doorway before you finally can say you’ve truly arrived. If you’re female, and there is no easy way to say this, you need to be dead before you can enter the sacred confines of the male only monastery.

It’s not only human females that are banned from the monastery; there has been a ban on females of any species for the last 1400 years. If I’m being honest, as I was suspended from a rope half way up the rock face, I found myself wishing that they didn’t let males of any species into the place either. Debre Damo Monastery is a place that needs to be seen to be believed. The monastery’s location, sitting at 2216 meters above sea level on top of a flat-topped mountain with sheer-sided cliffs, sets a dramatic scene and, once you’ve reached the top of the cliffs, the views are spectacular.


The history of the monastery is fascinating. It is dedicated to Saint Abba Aregawi, one of nine Syrian Christians who came to spread Christianity in Ethiopia in the 6th Century. While Aregawi settled on Debre Damo, the other “Nine Saints” all settled in this region and have similar churches dedicated to them. Legend has it that Saint Aregawi flew to the top of the mountain on a winged serpent under the direction of St. Michael, thus avoiding the need to be hauled up there by an octogenarian

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