Gishen Debre Kerbe

Gishen Debre Kerbe Is located 483 kilometers north of Addis Ababa in Wollo Region. Gishen Mariam Church is situated in a marvelous landscape. A fragment from the original True Cross is buried underneath this church. Because of this, this shrine is one of the most sacred churches in the country.

10480561_10203220618570277_8448024795386899949_o   According to tradition, Empress Helena lit incense and prayed for assistance to guide her. The smoke drifted towards the direction of the buried cross. She dug and found three crosses; one of them was the True Cross used to crucify Jesus Christ. Empress Helena then gave a piece of the True Cross to all churches. This piece was then brought to Gishen Mariam, Ethiopia. The monastery of Gishen Mariam holds a volume of a book which records the story of the True Cross of Christ and how it was acquired. Along with, Mekedala Escarmpents, and Lake Kayke can be reached.

Gishen Debre Kerbe, also known as Gishen Maryam, is one of the ancient, most sacred monasteries in Ethiopia. It’s set at elevation of 3,019m (9,905ft) above sea level in Ambasel woreda some 80 km (50mi) north west of Dessie, Wollo. Gishen is home to four churches: – Gishen Maryam, Kidus Gabriel, Kidus Mikael and Egziabher Ab. The celebration is held throughout the country on September 27th which also signifies the presence of the True Cross at Gishen Debre Kerbe. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the country and some from overseas flock Amba Gishen during the Meskel festival.

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