Into the Inferno, a documentary about volcanoes in Ethiopia, Iceland,Indonesia,North korea and Vanuatu released on Netflix

The documentary travels to the hellishly hot, eerily stunning Afar Triangle in Ethiopia. What is really interesting is in Ethiopia, where they find skeletal remains of the very first Homo sapien species, 100,000 years back. We ask: Do we have yet another 100,000 years? The scientist says, when we look at the mistakes that we are committing right now, in 1000 years there will be a critical phase for the human race. I find it very interesting. We are a strange, unusual species, that exterminates other species, and even endangers its own survival.

‘Into the Inferno’

Not rated

Directed by: Werner Herzog

Genre: Documentary

Running time: 1 hour, 47 minutes

The documentary is available at Netflix starting from Oct 28,2016.

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