Ruth Negga Stirs Oscar Buzz With New Film ‘Loving’

Loving tells the real-life story of Mildred (Ruth Negga) and Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton), an interracial couple that fell in love and got married at a time when such romances were forbidden. Young, in love, and with a baby on the way, not even Mildred expects her romance with Richard to have a happy ending. Either too smitten or too naïve to care, Richard throws caution to the wind and proposes to Mildred, the love of his life. In 1958, the Loving’s home state of Virginia deemed interracial marriage illegal, forcing the couple to drive to Washington and perform the ceremony in secret.1-wrz68i2xl2h8wql568dazq

Over the nine years that Loving covers, it is a joy to watch Ruth Negga’s portrayal of Mildred as she goes from a shy country girl to confident woman, speaking up with gradually revealed determination against the unfairness endured by her family at a time when many voices were silenced. It’s not surprising Best Actress Oscar talk began when the movie had its premiere at Cannes in May and again in September at TIFF.

“I think it’s important to see a woman who’s quite reserved and shy and quiet show a certain strength, because there’s many kind of strengths isn’t there?” said the Ethiopia-born and Ireland-raised Ruth Negga in her soft Irish lilt.

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As long as they can be together, the Lovings are fine with keeping their marriage under wraps. Their honeymoon period doesn’t last very long. In the middle of the night, the police come crashing through their bedroom door, drag Richard and Mildred out of bed, and haul them off to jail. The Lovings each receive a one-year jail sentence but have their sentences suspended on the condition that they leave the state. Born and raised in the country, Mildred has never even been to the city. Despite her attempts to acclimatize to city life, it’s clear that Mildred’s heart remains back in Virginia with her family. The rest of the film focuses on the Loving’s battle to return home as husband and wife.

Ruth Negga other  works on the hit ABC series “Agents of Shield” and HBO’s newcomer “Preacher”


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