The world’s most welcoming countries-According to Rough Guides

On April, Rough Guides Limited asked their Facebook and Twitter followers to share where they’ve found the most hospitable places around the world. Not surprisingly, Ethiopia is First on the chart.Rough Guides Limited has around 237,000 Facebook and 207,000 Twitter followers .

Top of the list sits Ethiopia, a profoundly beautiful East African country with a history that stretches back many thousands of years. It was never colonized, so the tribal customs and hospitable traditions you can see here are largely just as they’ve always been.


 Take the Ethiopian coffee ceremony: the women of the household meticulously roast, grind and boil the aromatic beans, before presenting three consecutive cups of exceptionally fresh coffee to their guests. The process can last for hours, but it’s considered a real mark of friendship.

  1. Ethiopia,2. India, 3. Uganda, 4. Colombia, 5. Japan, 6. Indonesia, 7. Kenya, 8. Myanmar, 9. Finland,10. Bolivia

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